343 Area Code

Last Update:
PrefixPhone TypeLocaltionCarrier
343-203LandlineOttawa, ONBell Canada
343-212LandlineJockvale, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-221LandlineOrleans, ONRogers Communications Partnership (cable)
343-263MobileBelleville, ONTelus Mobility
343-264MobileBrockville, ONTelus Mobility
343-265LandlineDeseronto, ONComwave Networks
343-266LandlineKingston, ONComwave Networks
343-267LandlineNapanee, ONComwave Networks
343-268LandlineArden, ONComwave Networks
343-269LandlineBancroft, ONComwave Networks
343-270LandlineBelleville, ONComwave Networks
343-271LandlineBrighton, ONComwave Networks
343-272LandlineNorthbrook, ONComwave Networks
343-273LandlinePlevna, ONComwave Networks
343-290LandlineKingston, ONAllstream Inc.
343-291LandlineOttawa, ONAllstream Inc.
343-300LandlineBrockville, ONIristel Inc.
343-333MobileKingston, ONGlobalive Wireless Management Corp.
343-344LandlineKingston, ONDistributel
343-355LandlineBelleville, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-356LandlineCornwall, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-357LandlineBancroft, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-358LandlineKingston, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-359LandlineKananaskis, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-360LandlineOttawa, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-361LandlineRenfrew, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-362LandlineBelleville, ONTelus Integrated Communications
343-363MobileKingston, ONTelus Mobility
343-364MobileKingston, ONTelus Mobility
343-369MobilePembroke, ONTelus Mobility
343-370MobileCornwall, ONTelus Mobility
343-400MobilePerth, ONRogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
343-477LandlineKingston, ONIsp Telecom
343-478LandlineNapanee, ONIsp Telecom
343-479LandlineGananoque, ONIsp Telecom
343-600LandlineBelleville, ONIristel Inc.
343-688LandlineOttawa, ONComwave Networks
343-689LandlineOrleans, ONComwave Networks
343-690LandlineKananaskis, ONComwave Networks
343-700LandlineOttawa, ONIristel Inc.
343-777MobileOttawa, ONFido Solutions Inc.
343-800LandlineSmiths Falls, ONIristel Inc.
343-882LandlineOttawa, ONFibernetics Corporation
343-883LandlineOttawa, ONFibernetics Corporation
343-884LandlineKingston, ONFibernetics Corporation
343-885LandlineCornwall, ONFibernetics Corporation
343-886LandlineVankleek Hill, ONFibernetics Corporation
343-887LandlineOttawa, ONFibernetics Corporation
343-925LandlineOttawa, ONYak Communications (canada) Corp.

Recently Reported Phone Calls in Area Code 343


This number continues to send text messages "hi My Friemd, Itg's finally ready Https://cadtransfer-78.info, which is a web address from Bulgaria. Seems to be someone who got my phone number from Craigs list


is sending unsolicited slimy text messages, hi my friend The Amount is Ready Http://trancad88.live. Seems to be an abuse respnse due to a craigs list ad. .I would not go there period.Call Type: SMS


Received a text message today 12/09/21 from this number Read, “my return is now available” and “Review details in MY ACCOUNT, then proceed to their ‘secure’ website, followed by a link.Call Type: SMS


This number calls me and hangs up without leaving message or responding


Test received - probably from my ad for a vehicleCall Type: SMS

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