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Social security scam, I work in IT so I pressed 1 to be forwarded to an operator, they asked for personal info and upon me saying “I don’t give that out over the phone” was promptly hung up on. I called back and was greeted with a cruise scam. I never leave these kind of comments about random numbers but in 2020 if you are still giving out personal info over the phone or on sketchy websites, you deserve to be scammed!Call Type: Scam

By R Holgado on


social security scam - they have been calling 6x a dayCall Type: Scam


This call was generated by a Social Security Scam.Call Type: Scam


Caller claimed past due power bill needed payment immediately to avoid disconnect. Not power company number, no past due charges.Call Type: Scam


This is what the text printed of the call from this number on voicemail! To reach you for the last time to verify about such activities just in case we will not hear back from you it will be consider as an intentional fraud and a lawsuit will be filed under your name in order to get more information and talk to the social security officer. Kindly press one to repeat press one to connect your call to social security officer. Thank you.Call Type: Scam


Told me my Sin was flagged because I have an arrest warrant out for my arrest. I hung up and blocked the number before they could finish. TOTAL SCAMCall Type: Scam


They left me a message saying my that I have an arrest warrant out and lawsuit is being filed against me and to press 1 to speak to someone.


Wondering if this a scammer number


Tells you your ss has been compromised as does not call you they write you. This is a scam.


Called twice, second attempt I told them to fuck off and get a job!Call Type: Scam

By Deidra on