807 Area Code

Last Update:
PrefixPhone TypeLocaltionCarrier
807-212MobileDryden, ONDryden Municipal Telephone System
807-214MobileSioux Lookout, ONKeewaytinook Okimakanak
807-216MobileDryden, ONDryden Municipal Telephone System
807-217MobileDryden, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-219MobileKenora, ONRogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
807-220MobileDryden, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-221LandlineDryden, ONDryden Municipal Telephone System
807-222LandlineEar Falls, ONBell Canada
807-223LandlineDryden, ONDryden Municipal Telephone System
807-224LandlineMinaki, ONBell Canada
807-225LandlineRedditt, ONBell Canada
807-226LandlineSioux Narrows, ONBell Canada
807-227LandlineVermilion Bay, ONBell Canada
807-228MobileMarathon, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-229LandlineMarathon, ONBell Canada
807-230LandlineMarathon, ONExatel Inc.
807-231MobileMarathon, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-238LandlineHemlo, ONBell Canada
807-242LandlineFort Hope, ONBell Canada
807-251MobileThunder Bay, ONRogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
807-252MobileThunder Bay, ONRogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
807-270LandlineFort Frances, ONExatel Inc.
807-271MobileFort Frances, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-272MobileFort Frances, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-274LandlineFort Frances, ONBell Canada
807-275LandlineFort Frances, ONBell Canada
807-276MobileFort Frances, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-285LandlineThunder Bay, ONShaw Telecom Inc.
807-286LandlineThunder Bay, ONShaw Telecom Inc.
807-310Bell Canada
807-323MobileDryden, ONBell Mobility
807-324MobileAtikokan, ONBell Mobility
807-329LandlineNakina, ONBell Canada
807-333LandlineThunder Bay, ONExatel Inc.
807-343LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-344LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-345LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-346LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-347LandlineCat Lake, ONBell Canada
807-349LandlineOgoki, ONBell Canada
807-353LandlineWebequie, ONBell Canada
807-355MobileThunder Bay, ONBell Mobility
807-363LandlineBear Skin Lake, ONBell Canada
807-407MobileKenora, ONNortherntel Limited Partnership (mobility)
807-442LandlineWunumin Lake, ONBell Canada
807-444MobileKenora, ONBell Aliant Regional Communications
807-448LandlineRaith, ONBell Canada
807-456MobileKenora, ONTelus Mobility
807-463MobileKenora, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-464MobileKenora, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-465LandlineKenora, ONKenora Municipal Telephone System
807-466LandlineKenora, ONKenora Municipal Telephone System
807-467LandlineKenora, ONKenora Municipal Telephone System
807-468LandlineKenora, ONKenora Municipal Telephone System
807-469LandlineWeagamow, ONBell Canada
807-471LandlineMuskrat Dam, ONBell Canada
807-472LandlineThunder Bay, ONRogers Communications Partnership (wireless)
807-473LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-474LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-475LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-476LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-478LandlineFort Severn, ONBell Canada
807-479LandlineLansdowne Ho, ONBell Canada
807-481LandlineBears Pass, ONBell Canada
807-482LandlineEmo, ONBell Canada
807-483LandlineStratton, ONBell Canada
807-484LandlineNestor Falls, ONBell Canada
807-485LandlineLac La Croix, ONBell Canada
807-486LandlineDevlin, ONBell Canada
807-487LandlineBarwick, ONBell Canada
807-488LandlineMorson, ONBell Canada
807-529LandlinePerkins, ONBell Canada
807-532LandlineKing City, ONBell Canada
807-535LandlineKasabonika, ONBell Canada
807-537LandlineBig Valley, ONBell Canada
807-543LandlineMckenzie Portage, ONBell Canada
807-547LandlineKeewatin, ONKenora Municipal Telephone System
807-548LandlineJaffray Melick, ONBell Canada
807-577LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-582LandlineHudson, ONBell Canada
807-583LandlineArmstrong, ONBell Canada
807-584LandlineSavant Lake, ONBell Canada
807-590LandlineAtikokan, ONExatel Inc.
807-593LandlineSummerside, ONBell Canada
807-594MobileAtikokan, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-595LandlineSachigo Lake, ONBell Canada
807-597LandlineAtikokan, ONBell Canada
807-598MobileAtikokan, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-599LandlineMine Centre, ONBell Canada
807-619MobileThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-620MobileThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-621MobileThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-622LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-623LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-624LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-625LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-626LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-627LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-628LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-629MobileThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-630MobileThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-631MobileThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-632MobileThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-633MobileThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-662LandlineCochenour, ONBell Canada
807-683LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-684LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-707MobileThunder Bay, ONTelus Mobility
807-708MobileThunder Bay, ONTelus Mobility
807-709MobileThunder Bay, ONTelus Mobility
807-726MobileRed Lake, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-727LandlineRed Lake, ONBell Canada
807-728MobileRed Lake, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-729MobileRed Lake, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-733LandlineClearwater Bay, ONBell Canada
807-735LandlineBalmertown, ONBell Canada
807-737LandlineSioux Lookout, ONBell Canada
807-738MobileSioux Lookout, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-749LandlineMadsen, ONBell Canada
807-755LandlineEagle River, ONBell Canada
807-766LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-767LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-768LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-771LandlineSandy Lake, ONBell Canada
807-772LandlinePoplar Hill, ONBell Canada
807-773LandlinePikangikum, ONBell Canada
807-774LandlineSandy Lake, ONBell Canada
807-775LandlineDeer Lake, ONBell Canada
807-776LandlineSandy Lake, ONBell Canada
807-777MobileThunder Bay, ONFido Solutions Inc.
807-788LandlineFort Frances, ONIristel Inc.
807-789LandlineFort Frances, ONIristel Inc.
807-821MobileTerrace Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-822LandlineWhite River, ONBell Canada
807-823MobileTerrace Bay, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-824LandlineSchreiber, ONBell Canada
807-825LandlineTerrace Bay, ONBell Canada
807-826LandlineManitouwadge, ONBell Canada
807-852LandlineRainy River, ONBell Canada
807-853MobileGeraldton, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-854LandlineGeraldton, ONBell Canada
807-855MobileGeraldton, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-857LandlineDorion, ONBell Canada
807-861MobileFort Frances, ONBell Mobility
807-863MobileGeraldton, ONBell Mobility
807-868LandlineHornepayne, ONBell Canada
807-872LandlineCaramat, ONBell Canada
807-875LandlineBeardmore, ONBell Canada
807-876LandlineLonglac, ONBell Canada
807-879LandlineJellicoe, ONBell Canada
807-880LandlineNipigon, ONExatel Inc.
807-885LandlineMacdiarmid, ONBell Canada
807-886LandlineRed Rock, ONBell Canada
807-887LandlineNipigon, ONBell Canada
807-888MobileNipigon, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-889MobileNipigon, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-925LandlineGrassy Narrows, ONBell Canada
807-926LandlineShebandowan, ONBell Canada
807-927LandlineWhitedog, ONBell Canada
807-928LandlinePickle Lake, ONBell Canada
807-929LandlineSapawe, ONBell Canada
807-933LandlineKaministiquia, ONBell Canada
807-934LandlineIgnace, ONBell Canada
807-935LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-936MobileIgnace, ONThunder Bay Mobility
807-937LandlineOxdrift, ONBell Canada
807-938LandlineThunder Bay, ONBell Canada
807-939LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-947LandlineFlanders, ONBell Canada
807-957LandlineThunder Bay, ONBell Canada
807-964LandlineCloud Bay, ONBell Canada
807-976Bell Canada
807-977LandlinePass Lake, ONBell Canada
807-982LandlineGull Bay, ONBell Canada
807-983LandlineThunder Bay, ONThunder Bay Telephone
807-986LandlineUpsala, ONBell Canada
807-999MobileThunder Bay, ONRogers Communications Partnership (wireless)

Recently Reported Phone Calls in Area Code 807


Just resieved a text - "TD: As a precaution your access has been temporarily restricted. Due to inactivity, Please reply Yes to receive your activation link." Seems VERY fishy. I did not reply.Call Type: Scam


Said they were CIBC and access was restricted to my account. Wanted me to reply to get a link. Very sketchy and most likely a scam.Call Type: SMS


I received a text stating that account access had been limited "as a precaution" and to reply YES to get a link sent. It seems like a scam to me, particularly as I have never banked with TD.Call Type: SMS


No idea who this is. Says TD but i don't trust it. Why would they send a text message saying my access is temporarily suspended for security reasons??? Sounds like a scam to me.Call Type: SMS


Scam callCall Type: Scam

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