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United Kingdom
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Called at 9:01 am Thursday 23/09/2021


Caller claimed tobe from Virgin Media rining about internet service and unusual or suspicious actiovity.Hang-up if you receive this scam call.Call Type: Scam


scam trying to sell O2 contractsCall Type: Scam

By shara on


SCAM O2 third party company will tell you that your contract is finishing and tell you that you can keep as it was and the only thing you have to do is click on a email from them which will bind you on a 24 months contract,stay wayCall Type: Scam

By MB on


This appears to be an accident claims scam with the caller purporting to be from the legitimate company "First Response". My details could only have been passed on by my car insurance company or the garage who repaired my car.Call Type: Scam

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