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United Kingdom
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Recently Reported Phone Calls in Area Code 01753


Missed call, unknown number, rang for 3 seconds, no message. All point to a scam caller, but who knows.

By Eric on


Morgan McKinley recruitment agency in Slough


I do not recognise this number, is it a scam, or fraudulent. I do not answer numbers I do not recognise it is not in my contacts

By Jennifer Smart on


This is a company claiming to be o2. I’ve had a few different numbers call me and offer the same thing. Saying my number had been pulled out of a hat for a load of free data, minutes and texts but then tried pulling money out of me at the end of the call. I asked the lady if it was the same thing and she hung up. Hang up as soon as you hear them say it’s O2Call Type: Scam

By Danielle Melville on


hacked into number no reply to hello

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