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United Kingdom
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Recently Reported Phone Calls in Area Code 01784


Called claiming to be ofcom, saying they will terminate our internet service in the next 24 hours due to 'hacking'. Sounds like an obvious scam to me.Call Type: Scam


Bunch of Indian idiots claiming to be BT technical help centre! I think the BT stands for Bangalore Titheads! Don't answer them on this number or just abuse them if you can't block it - they can't stand it when they get in back! Tell them you eat beefburgers as well and would they like one delivered!Call Type: Scam

By Mahat Macoat Mashoes on


A man with an Asian accent rang and said he was ringing on behalf of the police, even though I could hardly understand a word he said!Call Type: Scam

By Jan Thomas on


Claims to be BT and ask you to make changes to a computer to prevent a virus spreading. Got aggressive and offensive when told no BT Internet at this address. Also DO NOT try to phone the number back as it could redirect to a premium line costing a fortune.Call Type: Scam


called with regards to an accident I (haven't) had in the last three years. was very concerned because the area code is the area I live and immediately thought that one of my children had been involved in an accident. these people need to be stopped fined and shut down.

By Ms Fed up of these Calls on

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