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Recently Reported Phone Calls in Area Code 866

(866) 264 1667

866 left as contact numberCall Type: Debt Collector

(866) 345 3139

mostly not understandable due to very thick accent, left a message about an order being placed on hold that CC company needs to verify billing address

By lee on

(866) 283 6635

repeated some times 2 a day of call and hangupsCall Type: Telemarketer

(866) 521 6228

I've gotten at least 10 calls from this number telling me to call them and the my ss has been compromised will be frozen until I hear from them. Social Security does not make these type of phone calls and this is a SCAM!

(866) 210 2398

call almost every day, debt cillectioncall. Never owe dept. ScamCall Type: Debt Collector

(866) 222 4147

Received 2 calls in 2 days from this number. Nothing happens, nobody answer.

By J L on

(866) 879 0098

This phone number keeps calling me telling them to call them back at their office at home recordingCall Type: Scam

(866) 399 3378

Pops up as “account services” I always decline & they never leave a message. Looking up the number looking like a scam caller, I will be blocking it.

By C on

(866) 204 0193

Promotions Department Amazon gift card. Limited time offer! Offer code: CAC-AGC-BW-HIS-0731-7304. Came in mail. Presort postage: San Bernadino, CA, Permit1 Call: 866-204-0193 Don't call this number (like others, may forward to another number which might develop charges on YOUR bill).Call Type: Scam

By Robert on

(866) 712 7735

Found this number on my Bank of America Statement of charges made the whole month of July - to date for Apple iTunes charges. Attempted to call this number today: “cannot be reach from my calling area” was the respond!

By IALS on