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(866) 987 1912

.although I have ZERO debt and or behind on any of my bills these losers keep sending letters and living messages about settling my DEBT with Bank Of America, Capital, American Express, and Wells Fargo. The issue I don't have accounts with any of these companies! Have not dealt with them but if it looks like a SCAM, and smells like a SCAM it most be a SCAM!Call Type: Scam

By James Cook on

(866) 203 8971

Selling a drug prescription plan. $50 start up fee $50 per month I would get Novolog Insulin Flex-pen 0.00 co-pay I would get Tresiba Insulin Flex-pen 0.00 co-pay

By Nancy Bell on

(866) 460 0174

Called and asked for my husband. When I said he was out he hung up without telling me who he was or why he was calling.

By JC on

(866) 739 1954

I have a $79.68 charge related to this number.

(866) 739 1954

I have a charge for 72.63 for this number

(866) 253 1752

Thanks to my partner for suggesting I check this site before calling the number 866-253-1752 since it was not the number the bank usually lists to call. Sure enough, it is a scam. There are good suggestions below about what to look for if given a notice that someone has requested a code to open your bank account and it wasn't you. Take heed!Call Type: Scam

(866) 262 1242

This phone number showed up on my Bank Card because they tried to charge something on my card. It supposedly is a subscription to something. The bank denied it but told me to call them and let them know that I did not want a subscription for anything. Problem is, the phone is permanently busy. Do not work with anyone at this number. The bank lady said it was called TripolPlex and I have no idea what that is.

By Bert on

(866) 593 0664

Said they were from Social Security. It was a scam.Call Type: Scam

By Pat on

(866) 936 4909

I have a charge on my debit card!!!!

(866) 579 4868

Something about a client and an audit on someone named Carmen. Someone called Mike Pinterest or something left the voice mail. But didn't state the name of the person but it was a robot voice at that part. d the VM and blocked number.