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+1 (437) 700-0909 / +14377000909





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  1. 437-700-0909

    Called at 6:45 pm. Did not recognize number so didn't answer.

    By Anonymous on
  2. 437-700-0909

    Automated male voice talking about septic tanks and if we want to unsubscribe push 2. I clicked 2 and right away I thought “oh no I just got scammed and they are going to use my voice from saying “hello” and then clicking the 2 button. I called back the number and got an answering machine with a female voice saying “ leave a message “

      Call Type: Survey
    By Anonymous on
  3. 437-700-0909

    No message

    By Anonymous on
  4. 437-700-0909

    Did not answer

    By Anonymous on
  5. 437-700-0909

    I also got a call from 437 700 0909, went to my voicemail, some guy called Jim, I called back and a answering machine message came on that was a women saying leave me a message. Sounds weird.

    By Anonymous on
  6. 437-700-0909

    Called back and a no one answered but a women was in the answering machine saying leave a message and I’ll call back.

    By Hihi on
  7. 437-700-0909

    437-700-0909 Party calls two or three times a day - I don't answer

    By Anonymous on
  8. 437-700-0909

    Had this call before and blocked it. CALL BLOCK WORKED THIS MORNING -YIPEE!!!

    By Anonymous on
  9. 437-700-0909

    did not answer

    By Anonymous on
  10. 437-700-0909

    Too late in answering, then they hung up without leaving any messages.

    By Anonymous on
  11. 437-700-0909

    They called at 1:50 pm. We did not answer. They hung up.

    By M. on
  12. 437-700-0909

    why do these people not have the guts to say something

    By Anonymous on
  13. 437-700-0909

    Fake report of credit card fraud

    By Anonymous on
  14. 437-700-0909

    Frequent calls on different days, between 8 and 9 am. Do not recognize the number, therefore never answer. Wish someone would cut them, whoever's they are , off. Nuisance.

    By Anonymous on
  15. 437-700-0909

    This number calls about three times per day. Never has the number left a message, they call morning, afternoon and evening. SCAM!

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  16. 437-700-0909

    Called at 9.26am and I don't answer unless I recognize the number. Now I have blocked. I am on shift work and don't need to be disturbed by annoying calls.

    By Jim on
  17. 437-700-0909

    Tis number has been calling everday up to twice a day, unkown how to stop it ? ? ?

      Call Type: Scam
    By Gene on
  18. 437-700-0909

    Septic tank survey, yeah right. CRTC needs to start stepping up to the plate to stop these calls.

      Call Type: Scam
    By Not Foolish on
  19. 437-700-0909

    annoying scammer BLOCK CALLS!!!

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  20. 437-700-0909

    100 a scam. Recorded message to talk about septic systems. I am on the do not call list, so it is not legit. They probably want you to push one of the buttons to use your line for long distance calls.

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
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