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+1 (514) 312-4045 / +15143124045




Montreal, QC

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Isp Telecom

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  1. 514-312-4045

    criss de vielle folle qui appelle pour dire que j'ai coucher avec son chum et que je l'ai appeler 10 fois

      Call Type: Prank Call
    By Anonymous on
  2. 514-312-4045

    Angry asian man calling himself Bok Choy or something saying I hit his car last week and that I should apologize and pay him for damages. F*cking idiot

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  3. 514-312-4045

    Exact same thing happened as the post made by Anonymous on Sept 27, 2020. The gentleman said he prepared our $75 order and that no one came to pick it. Started talking about chicken masala and didn't let us talk. Kept telling him to double check the phone number cause he definitely called the wrong number. Kept saying "I waste my money, I Vill call the polise". Anyways, just hung up and waiting for the cops to show up.

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  4. 514-312-4045

    I had a gentleman calling us tonight stating I had order some chicken masala, and kept interrupting me aggressively when I told him he must likely have the wrong number. He tried to guilt trip me by stating he was loosing so much money. He even threatened to call the police and come to my house in a scooter. When I asked him what address he had, it went silent and he hung up. I don't know if he is a scammer or he got scammed. What kind of scam would make you go to your local indian restaurant to get chicken? It made my evening, especially since I live in the country. Good luck with your 2+ hour drive to my house in a scooter.

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  5. 514-312-4045

    this woman called me twice and asking me why am i the woman who calls her husband?? block this number

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  6. 514-312-4045

    could not believe the asian accent accused me aggressively of have been involved in a motor accident his verbal continued without me getting a word in finally he said "i got your number & i know where you live we settle this one on one I stick chopstick up your a**hole!" At this point - my calm mood changed to uncontrolled laughter i said - really! are you really threatening me with racial stereotypes ? - His rage heighten at that point i began a mantra of Please sir What color is my vehicle? which i repeated until there was silence & only dead air on the phone. will be filling police report today

    By Anonymous on
  7. 514-312-4045

    She keeps calling saying “who are you?”

    By Anonymous on
  8. 514-312-4045

    A women called saying that we called her 4 times and that she would call the police. She was quite agressive and yelled at my son. We checked our phone and nobody called her...

      Call Type: Prank Call
    By Anonymous on
  9. 514-312-4045

    I did not pick up but they called at midnight. I would only answer to calls from my family and friends at this hour so definitely a scam.

    By Anonymous on
  10. 514-312-4045

    I did not engage with. I answered and the line was "Hello! my name is Rakishe, i need your help, can you help me?... hello can you help me!... alwa bla bla bla", in the back round... caller ended call

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  11. 514-312-4045


      Call Type: Prank Call
    By Me on
  12. 514-312-4045

    Une vieille femme pas contente m'as appeler pour m'envoyer chier en me disant que j'arrêtais pas de l'appeler pour l'harceler??

    By Anonymous on
  13. 514-312-4045

    He pretented I booked a room at his RB&B . He was Asian and upset telling me I can't cancel last minute. I had to hang up because he did not stop to talk and doesn't listen

    By Anonymous on
  14. 514-312-4045

    Received an aggressive called from an ASIAN person saying I have hit his car…

    By Anonymous on
  15. 514-312-4045

    apparently we had an accident with the this guy but we dont have a car

    By Anonymous on
  16. 514-312-4045

    I received a call from this number stating that I have a reservation somewhere which obviously I had not and the caller was quite aggressive.

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  17. 514-312-4045

    Prank caller

      Call Type: Scam
    By Steven on

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