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+1 (604) 757-5301 / +16047575301




Vancouver, BC

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Iristel Inc.

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  1. 604-757-5301


      Call Type: Scam
    By Celine on
  2. 604-757-5301

    That stupide bitch woman with a fake sweet voice like somebody mention before, she also ask me about my saving and than tell me that i will have to paye 800 euros to complet the application this is a big Escrocry that has to face the law , have coarse i didn't pay anything she ask me the give her my paypal details and i refused, she a very hungry bitch and who so ever she is complice with as well, there bank are in Lituania and they ate not affiliated with the Canada Governement, be carefull not to pay anything, now i suggeste to anyone that would like to apply for a Canadian visa, to go to the nearest Canadian Consulat or Ambassy and apply directly there. Good luck .

    By Celine on
  3. 604-757-5301

    i just want to know if this is scam?cause if this is i wan too stop my atm?please not easy to save money ?why they make like that?why?GOD KNOWS everything if its scam they will go to heali jsut wan to apply work in canada.

      Call Type: Debt Collector
    By dyfel on
  4. 604-757-5301

    Hahaha Well to start with. I am in temporary visa here in sydney. Since making my TR visa into permanent residency isn't easy these days. So, keeping in mind that I should safe zone my abroad stay in one of the best developed country after Australia I thought to apply for canada beforehand. I google "immigration to civil engineers from sydney to canada", Then I landed to multiple options offered via google. On the first look I felt Mdccanada.ca was genuine. Then as per their page suggestion I left my number and details to be called by them. Then what? well I got call multiple times from this number and the phone itself suggested it was a call from Vancouver, Canada. In my off day I thought to give it a try. A wonderful girl with sweet pleasing voice just talked to me, everything seemed so soft and sound lol. Conversation went on, She instructed me and I started my journey to clicking those candianimmigration sites. At the beginning she really hooked my attention and mind but there and then comes a section where she talks of my savings, card details and shit. I just had a good time pass and cut off blocked her number. I still want to believe her sweet pretty voice and I do want to make my second destination if I won't be able to get my PR within 20 months from now on in Sydney, Australia. The question and curiosity still lies in my head. WAS IT REALLY A SCAM?? shoot me I am confused as hell.

    By syandwep on
  5. 604-757-5301

    I have a call from this no,because for Canadian visa process he told me.but I still now small confused.what about from this problem.

    By Kumar on
  6. 604-757-5301

    They just call me today cause i apply online but they ask money to proceed the others and they ask me to pay but my problem is i give my 6 digit but they ask the remaining ofcours i did not answer thier call cause I feel confused.what will i do now?

    By Anonymous on
  7. 604-757-5301

    I don't know how did they get my number

    By Muhammad Riaz on
  8. 604-757-5301

    I want to know about that number

    By Nadeem on
  9. 604-757-5301

    I'm not sure abour this number, because i have a phone call from this number, he said that he from canadian consulting will help me with my visa, but after that he asked me to sent money from my visa about $5000 dollar America, I'm not sure i think is scam

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anggi rinjani on
  10. 604-757-5301

    The agent was very persistent. At first it was too good to be true then she wants an instant payment of 577USD even you haven't started with the processing. She was angry that I haven't give the details of my credit card.

    By Liza on
  11. 604-757-5301

    Their services might be helpful for some, but are absolutely NOT needed to successfully process your immigration requests on your own.

    By Anonymous on
  12. 604-757-5301

    This is number is linked to an immigration assistance agency - nothing untoward - they're just providing a service for a fee. They are NOT affiliated with the Government of Canada, but just helping their clients to negotiate the potentially confusing process of immigrating to Canada. Chances are you're being contacted because you inquired on-line about immigration to them in some way, and they'd like to offer you their services. Their services are NOT d to successfully process your immigration requests.

    By Anonymous on
  13. 604-757-5301

    Not a satisfied caller and the way of taking or very friendly this is my lol not a real call from immegresion Canada,making fool amen robbing people in a smart way guys be careful,don't pay money just enjoy talk to improve your English

    By Ken on
  14. 604-757-5301

    A smell scam. They are calling me so many time just to pay some fee in order to start the evaluation process for the Visa. Eventually I had to block them. Their only interest in me is to pay the fee I know these scams and pretty much aware of the script and attitude for which they deal with you. so it's quite easy from the moment you pick up the call that the just want you to pay. Don't fall for it.

      Call Type: Scam
    By Muhammad on
  15. 604-757-5301

    She asking me to pay 350USD for evaluation of my application to proceed visa application for canada.

    By Anonymous on
  16. 604-757-5301

    they called me so many times to pay 350 dollars for processing of my visa to canada because i did apply for canada through them but i am not sure how because i donr have physical address of them and i live in uae

      Call Type: Event Reminder
    By fazal on
  17. 604-757-5301

    candian immigration

    By ayman arafa on
  18. 604-757-5301

    This call me and asking me we r given u Canada viza Please tel me this true r not

  19. 604-757-5301

    i just recived your miss call .what u want ????

    By Kamran on
  20. 604-757-5301

    Called for immigration and pushed for money

      Call Type: Scam
    By Mak on
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