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I keep getting the same callsCall Type: Debt Collector

Jan 13, 2020


Civil matter against _________I will these people would stop calling my phone, my sons phone, my moms phone, my work, etc. 800-760-3430 is just one of the numbers they use. I have received same message from so many number and blocked each one. Finally today I answer and talked to someone and they said they have tried to make contact with my at my residence (which I haven't lived there in over a year) and I haven't responded. First of all , my bills are paid on time. Second of all my brother lives at my old residence and he would have told me if someone was looking for me or I had mail. Mail is forwarded to new address over a year ago. I asked to be taken off calling list and lady just said your social security number is tied to this casenever asked even said my social security -so how did she know if she had right person. She was very rude and stated she could only tell the client to proceed- I said got for it!!! Then she hope you have blessed rest of your dayif people like you would stop harassing me I could. These calls are so aggravating.Call Type: Scam

By Tina on Jan 06, 2020


they have been looking for James Walker for at least 5 yrs. At 1st i would get several calls a week with qa few month break were now back to receiving daily calls. always looking for James WalkerCall Type: Debt Collector

Dec 06, 2019


several attempts have been made to Melissa J Kreiling regarding a civil claim finally in our office naming him as the respondent it is imperative that we speak to you or your attorney if in fact you are represented by counsel today to avoid a default judgment against you please press one to speak to a case manager or call 800-760-3430 when Colling Please provide your case number 116-0847 The law does that all parties involved in this claim be notified. You are hereby being notified. I have been married for over 10 years and haven't used my maiden name in that long.Call Type: Scam

By Melissa Lally on Dec 03, 2019



Dec 02, 2019


several attempts about a civil claim in our office

By teresa on Nov 21, 2019


They told it was a civil suit to contact them

By Teresa Floyd on Nov 21, 2019


Scam about a civil law suit and my last noticeCall Type: Scam

Nov 18, 2019


Scam about a civil law suit and my last notice

Nov 14, 2019


Looking for family member saying this is the third attempt and they will be serving papers at last known address or work address.Call Type: Scam

Nov 06, 2019

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