Prefix 219-318

United States
Gary, IN
Phone Type:
T-mobile Usa
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Recently Reported Phone Calls in Area Code 219


These people have called me 5 times in the last week. The call wasn't for me. Very threatening call about litigation. When I call back, they hang up on me. SSSCCCAAMMCall Type: Scam

By Googoo on


received a call from this number indicating filing clsim for someone who is not me. i am female and person indicated for a male. Go figure. Be careful out there my friends

By S on


This person is claiming to be john gates and he says he is with a company that tries to handle payday loans before they go to the court house. But he wouldn't send me any information in the mail about this supposed payday loan and I was told but the Indiana department of financial services based out of Indy that a collection agency isn't gonna threaten you by saying they are gonna take you to court and this guy is saying the only way I can get any information about this payday loan is after it goes thru the courts

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