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+1 (800) 226-5528

1st I received a text message that a charge was attempted on my card which I reported fraud earlier. The guy said that my check card was connected ...

+1 (800) 383-9484 Dec 31, 2021

Hello. You need to repay the debt as soon as possible. Your bank account will be blocked within 3 days. The amount is $4895.87. For security reason...

+1 (800) 237-8990 Dec 18, 2021

Got a call this morning. This is a SCAM! I checked my bank account and no fraud. I did not call the number back. PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER THIS CALL.

+1 (206) 257-7741 Dec 02, 2021

These a**holes stole 1,400.00 from my bank account claiming to be with Amazon!

+1 (888) 738-5275 Nov 04, 2021

SCAM - I clicked on a Paypal notice that I won something today and could select from many products. I selected a product for which I was to pay S&...

+1 (639) 361-8764 Oct 19, 2021

said that they are from Canada border, informing a malicious parcel and asking my bank account other personal information

+1 (512) 546-7456 Oct 18, 2021

The people using this number sent me a check that put my bank account 200 in the hole don't trust this number it's a scam for sure

+1 (800) 374-9701 Oct 07, 2021

Got several calls from this number. 800.374.9701. It read citibank as caller ID. On a message it said fraudulent activity charge of 1400 to my bank...

+1 (800) 374-9701 Oct 07, 2021

Some one left a message stating fraudulent on my citi bank account, I don't have a citi bank account.

+1 (800) 324-9375 Aug 12, 2021

Couldn't log on to bank account I had used about 2 hours before. It gave a number to call which was number for my bank's customer service...

+1 (866) 602-5797 Jul 15, 2021

I had a debit card purchase for $39.99 posted to my bank account which I did not authorize and have no info on how this happened?

+1 (855) 225-3961 Jul 10, 2021

This stupid company charged my bank account $49.99 TWICE on 6/9 and 7/9/2021. This fake phone number is disconnected so there is no way to contact...

+1 (877) 252-2401 Apr 07, 2021

Sent me in the mail Citi Bank account address was changed. The last 4 numbers of the account didn't match what was on the paper. So i signed i...

+1 (888) 211-4655 Feb 24, 2021

They took money out of my bank account and the phone number showed up on the statement. I called the number and got a bot message and unclear email...

+1 (866) 475-9395 Feb 24, 2021

Took money from my bank account and also tried my cash app. Watch your bank account closely. It showed up as HRTSLLV.com. I called them and they tr...

+1 (800) 237-1376 Feb 05, 2021

I need to find out who has this number because they are taking money from my bank account.

+1 (412) 259-5994 Feb 03, 2021

Telling me they would chg my bank account $299.00 for computer maintence that we don't have. This # is in Pa, lots of people talking in backgr...

+1 (236) 237-0644 Jan 31, 2021

I placed an Ad to sell my car in Kijiji london and someone text me from that number to make a ridiculous offer by even offering more money if I gav...

+1 (321) 445-8847 Jan 27, 2021

Stolen my identity and put me on the streets. Minus $3,000.00 in my bank account. Now I'm living on the streets.

+1 (800) 240-1371 Jan 06, 2021

On December 10th of last year, you withdrew from my credit bank account the sum of $ 5.00 + 65.00 to fix my PC. You did not fix it and promised to...

+1 (855) 248-6877 Nov 22, 2020

Stole $150 from my bank account, never heard of them and no searchable info besides this phone number.

+1 (888) 211-4655 Nov 20, 2020


+1 (800) 962-5996 Nov 17, 2020

When you call back for David Walker w/PCH you get a recorded message that may sound like PCH and then get thru to Mr Walker. He will congratulate y...

+1 (888) 306-3872 Nov 05, 2020

Some one from this company in florid us has fraudulently taken money from my bank account.

+1 (888) 237-3331 Oct 27, 2020

Tried to pull money out of my bank account

+1 (800) 424-9860 Oct 23, 2020

Rejected a call from this number. Later they took a total of $30.90 out of my bank account under the name Foundation Center. This number was attach...

+1 (800) 278-9939 Oct 21, 2020

Calling from Federal reserve officer for issues with bank account

+1 (866) 200-3053 Oct 18, 2020

They charged me 89 95 on my bank account and I have no idea what it is

+1 (800) 707-6148 Oct 17, 2020

Received a message today from someone purporting to be from Duke Energy saying that our bill was in arrears. I checked and my current bill shows $0...

+1 (800) 986-9245 Oct 01, 2020

SIN number fraud, they pretendt to be from the government and they try to get your SIN number and bank account information.