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+44 7874404928

Scam. HMRC recording about fraud case. I just hung up after10 seconds.

+44 7340187300 Apr 11, 2021

Scam text message supposedly from royal mail text message says: RoyalMail: Sorry, we tried to deliver your parcel on 10.04.2021. Please visit: http...

+44 7492725517 Mar 30, 2021

A recorded message saying that there is a tax fraud case for this number from the HMRC.

+44 2074487218 Feb 25, 2021

Total c&&*s claiming to be HMRC investigating a tax fraud. automated message . phising fraud /gangstalking or similar.

+44 1614789880 Dec 18, 2020

Call about HMRC tax fraud.

+44 1332408737 Oct 14, 2020

Fake HMRC message saying there is a fraud case in my name

+44 1204500818 Sep 04, 2020

Supposedly HMRC. A warrant out for tax fraud in my name. Press 1 to connect with somebody. Just switch off. A ridiculous scam.

+44 1274376545 Aug 22, 2020

Automated call saying from HMRC asking to press 1 as you are involved in a tax fraud, failure to do so will result in your arrest. Dangerous scam c...

+44 2079687661 Aug 21, 2020

Claiming to be from for HMRC fraud

+44 1223190627 Aug 17, 2020

Number called claiming was HMRC and that i had a tax fraud case against my name This was an automated recording which was crackly.

+44 1274041665 Aug 05, 2020

This number leaves automated threat for you to stay on the line as its HMRC and failure to do so will end in a warrant being issued by a officer fo...

+44 1332525767 Jul 08, 2020

HMRC scam.

+44 1227034458 Jun 06, 2020

Automated robot call claiming to be HMRC and to so with income tax. Asked me to press 1 to continue so I hung up. Apparently theres a few of these ...

+44 1227178466 Jun 04, 2020

Automated call from HMRC that I was being investigated about tax fraud and that if I didn’t speak to an advisor a warrant would be issued for my ar...

+44 2038969742 May 13, 2020

HMRC scam call

+44 2036700685 May 13, 2020

HMRC scam call - automated voice

+44 1332060153 Mar 19, 2020

My son took a call from this number which when called back is not a valid number. They were supposedly from HMRC chasing a debt of £1200 and if he...

    Call Type: Debt Collector
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+44 1511868394 Mar 12, 2020

They pretended to be HMRC and said I was evading tax

+44 1474370087 Feb 19, 2020

Call telling me it is NI and that I have to pay or they will take me to court at my peril. The caller said Hi did not mention my name. HMRC will a...

+44 2082003006 Feb 13, 2020

Recorded threatening message from HMRC regarding fraud case and requesting I dial 1 immediately. Total scam.

+44 2022000325 Feb 07, 2020

receieved a threathening call proporting to be from HMRC and an arrest warrant. When asked for his landline number, was aggressive and unprofessio...

+44 2052003691 Jan 28, 2020

Automated message claiming HMRC have an arrest warrant for me. Pressing 1 will connect you to a premium rate number. Blocked!

+44 2082001928 Jan 22, 2020

HMRC arrest Warrant Scam, they leave messages scaring people, and the number does not exist when you try to call back. Sickening / Outrageous

+44 2082003199 Jan 20, 2020

HMRC Tax fraud - do not answer.

+44 2033895429 Jan 16, 2020

say they're hmrc and they are going to arrest me. i'm waiting for a call back so i can waste their time. why are our telecom services all...

+44 2033895429 Jan 16, 2020

Keeps calling saying hmrc have a warrant out for my arrest

+44 2033895429 Jan 16, 2020

As with others, arrest warrant by HMRC. Told to press 1- didn’t.

+44 2033895429 Jan 16, 2020

Apparently HMRC have an arrest warrant in my name? Pick up and press 1 to speak to my case officer.

+44 2033895429 Jan 16, 2020

HMRC have an arrest warrant?

+44 2022000324 Jan 16, 2020

I also had threatening call about tax due to HMRC insisting I respond by touching 1 on my mobile or I would be arrested.