#Homeland Security Scam Phone Calls

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+1 (888) 821-0112

This is not only A SCAM, it could be DANGEROUS to young girls/women, so I'm going to give ALL THE DETAILS HERE then report them to the FCC an...

+1 (866) 587-7156 Apr 14, 2020

Said they were from Homeland Security and will take legal action if I don't call back.

+1 (305) 396-2392 Apr 06, 2020

Man from homeland security requesting my deceased father return the call . Has called several times. Leaves voicemail

+1 (305) 396-2392 Apr 06, 2020

Man from homeland security requesting my deceased father return the call

+1 (305) 396-2392 Mar 31, 2020

Jason Lopez from the Homeland Security Financial Crime Unit. This is the 2nd number from the same person but different name that called.

+1 (855) 229-8661 Feb 04, 2020

Left a voicemail (a guy with a foreign accent) that said he is calling from the Social Security Administration and that Homeland Security and FBI w...

+1 (855) 229-8661 Feb 04, 2020

Was left a message on my cell (with an unmistakable foreign accent) stating that homeland security would contact me shortly.

+1 (800) 345-5004 Jan 22, 2020


+1 (508) 319-9431 Nov 21, 2019

This guy claims mark zuckerburg is trying to give away money through him , and he claims to be Erskine Bowles former white house chief of staff, th...

+1 (800) 772-9108 Nov 15, 2019

Receive this call on Friday November 15th 2019.message basically said enforcement action executed by Department of Homeland Security against your n...

+1 (888) 969-3254 Nov 12, 2019

I don’t answer calls I have not put in my contacts list. If the number pops up several times in a few days and they don’t leave a message I will bl...

+1 (866) 978-0119 Nov 06, 2019

Some man claiming to be with Homeland security and told me I have to call him back. This is not the first time this same man has called me. It'...

+1 (800) 325-3235 Oct 31, 2019

Scam. Voicemail threatens legal action by Homeland Security and possible arrest. Called back from a landline and the number could not be reached.

+1 (800) 325-3614 Oct 28, 2019

Received call from this number. It starts as a recorded message about a warrant and homeland security. Pressed 1. Answered by a person with a fo...

+1 (855) 200-0295 Sep 04, 2019

Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft saying that my account had been register on a porn website and had 12 complaints, and that they are about to...

+1 (855) 207-1782 Oct 08, 2018

They call repeatwdly . Their bot leaves messages but never identifies themselves. The bot threatens legal action, arrest warrants etc. The last I h...

+1 (646) 502-8392 Aug 06, 2018

Says they are working with homeland security about fraud. About money being sent overseas. I think these are the same people who hacked my WesternU...

+1 (843) 773-2280 Jul 11, 2017

called asking if my number called looking for Mr. or Mrs. Brady. Said he was with Homeland Security

+1 (202) 870-5272 Jan 12, 2017

We got a message left on our answering machine that was not very clear, as in a multiple generation recording. The person identified himself as Det...

+1 (347) 441-2391 Sep 30, 2016

It was someone calling with a terrible connection that struggled to speak English saying they were from the IRS and that there was a warrant for my...

+1 (424) 293-1826 May 26, 2016

A Russian base scam out of South Africa use other people photos and ids always ask for money. They are in the USA a well inform group using tool th...