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+1 (833) 741-3507

Fake phantom debt collection scam by madarchod criminals phoning from India. This is what the Federal Trade Commission calls a phantom debt collect...

+1 (800) 847-3203 May 08, 2021

Saw the number 800 847 3203 that I recognized as the V.A.Pharmacy in San Francisco, Ca as I am a Veteran but did not answer the call as i also reco...

+1 (888) 918-7312 Apr 20, 2021

Thought had called our bank, but was suspicious when an automated voice started by asking for full credit card number. Didn’t feel comfortable with...

+1 (514) 286-3202 Apr 01, 2021

Asking for social security number

+1 (855) 279-3133 Mar 23, 2021

Got message from this number telling me that my social security number was stolen and give a link to check detail, later send me a link about class...

+1 (780) 940-6716 Feb 03, 2021

Social security number scam

+1 (855) 292-4332 Feb 02, 2021

The lady said calls recorded and something? I stated that's wounderful, all my calls are recorded, track & traced to within 6ft by our cyber d...

+1 (406) 315-4743 Nov 27, 2020

Recorded message about a legal case (non-existent) regarding fraud against my social security number.

+1 (614) 470-2313 Nov 24, 2020

Claims to be a debt collector, however they refused to give me information regarding "the debt" unless I provided my dob and social secur...

+1 (800) 322-4060 Nov 06, 2020

Text to Speech Voice saying they are the RCMP and that they found something suspicious with your bank / social security number and to press a numbe...

+1 (866) 888-3987 Oct 15, 2020

Was a call from Georgia stating that it was the Social Security Office and that my social security number has been compromised.

+1 (631) 629-0117 Oct 05, 2020

Robocall saying my social security number was going to be suspend for committing fradulent activity in Texas

+1 (717) 817-5716 Sep 30, 2020

Claims that someone may be using my social security number. Asked for info name, birth date ans SS#.

+1 (613) 717-6604 Aug 24, 2020

Its a scam saying it's the government and about your Social security number. Dont respond report to OPP or RCMP

+1 (800) 622-6279 Aug 14, 2020

Fraudulent call, a robot tells you that the Federal government is ready to file an arrest warrant against you and they ask you to enter your socia...

+1 (304) 250-4979 Aug 13, 2020

Caller said my Social Security number had been suspended.

+1 (877) 765-5318 Aug 06, 2020

They claimed we had to call them about suspicious activity regarding my social security number

+1 (651) 212-5171 Aug 03, 2020

Scam regarding my Social Security number. Wanted further personal information. Has called twice, different person each time.

+1 (866) 902-7685 Aug 03, 2020

stating to call 866-902-7685 or something about my social security number. scam

+1 (800) 769-4497 Aug 01, 2020

This number called the business that I answer for. When I answered with the business name there was no speaking on the other end. I could hear that...

+1 (800) 376-1765 Jul 30, 2020

They said they were calling from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and my Social Security Number was involved in a bunch of crimes throughout the p...

+1 (551) 226-5308 Jul 28, 2020

Call came from an electronic voice recording claiming to be from the Social Security Admin. about a discrepancy with social security number. SC...

+1 (800) 856-7179 Jul 28, 2020

FRAUD CALL, check this up: they call to advise social security number is being investigate, if you press one as they require, they ask you for number.

+1 (800) 386-5125 Jul 28, 2020

Urgent Automatic call. They say there is a problem with social security number . Need to press 1 or they will cancell the social security number.

+1 (800) 688-3915 Jul 27, 2020

FRAUD CALL, check this up: they call to advise social security number is being investigate, if you press one as they require, they ask you for num...

+1 (800) 859-3928 Jul 21, 2020

rubbish about compromise Social Security Number

+1 (780) 984-4579 Jul 16, 2020

East Indian/Paki scammers pretending to be from Service Canada resolving issue with your compromised Social Security Number.

+1 (855) 219-0769 Jul 07, 2020

Social security number scam.

+1 (940) 205-5064 Jun 26, 2020

Text to voice voicemail says I have suspicious traces of my social security number and I should call back immediately. Gosh I guess I better!

+1 (833) 615-0606 Jun 16, 2020

call and said that there was some suspicious activity going on with my social security number and it was about to be suspended.