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+1 (760) 876-7670 / +17608767670


United States


Lone Pine, CA

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Verizon California Inc.-ca

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  1. 760-876-7670

    THERE IS NO CAR FOR SALE. This person advertised a lovely 1974 VW beetle convertible with very low mileage for sale for 2000 dollars on a website with used cars for sale. I was looking for an inexpensive used car for my 16 year old to drive. You could not call, but had to send an email to the person to see about the car. The next day the person sent a text to my phone telling me I had an email. Then in the email the person sent me to a link to a youtube video about the car with a man talking all about the car and showing it on the video. I thought that was strange to go to all that trouble to sell a 2000 dollar car. Also, the car, if indeed it was for sale, was so low priced, so mint and of such low mileage that of course it would be purchased by the first person to see it. Not sure whether it was a scam or not, I texted back asking to view the car. I next received a text stating that it was loud where he worked and he asked me to email him. I was suspicious already so I looked up the phone number this person was texting me from. Although the ad for the car said it was in my city, the location for the phone number is listed as in California-the opposite side of the country. RED FLAG. I had red flags because the price was way too low, the car way too nice, and to put up a video on you tube was overkill. Then when he sent the email to me with the you tube link about the car, he noted I should check also in my spam folder. That was very strange as well. I smelled a scam. This person attempts to scam women to get you to send your banking information to him. DON'T DO IT. If a deal is too good to be true, watch out. This person is attempting use your own greed (cheap car worth much more) or stupidity (trying to take advantage of a car seller who is too dumb to know what his car is worth) or desperation (don't have much money so need a good low cost car) to trap you and get YOUR money or perhaps worse. Be wise, walk away. If you are in contact with this person, just tell him you are no longer interested in the car and WALK AWAY. THERE IS NO CAR. IF you have become involved with or have been scammed by this person, call the police immediately.

      Call Type: Scam
    By Jul on
  2. 760-876-7670

    Scam, Brian Orr will request banking information at some point. Singles out women online.

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on

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