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(866) 363 5002

3.5 m and Mercedes. Awesome. I called back and asked why they called me. Couldn’t answer me and do I said take me off your scan list. Now there is someone calling me from a Jamaica numberfrom Atlanta ga I don’t think so.

Feb 25, 2020

(866) 363 5002

I also won 3 million and a Mercedes Benz. I left a message how excited i was and call me back and let me know what i need to do. lol I keep looking out my window waiting for the Mercedes to pull up with my name on it. Plus my $3,000,000 dollar check. So so funny!

Feb 24, 2020

(866) 363 5002

Scam call about winning 3 million dollar prize but payment is d first to release the money.Call Type: Scam

By Fran on Feb 24, 2020

(866) 363 5002

Message says I won 3 million and a Mercedes Benz. Such an insult to peoples intelligence!Call Type: Scam

Feb 19, 2020

(866) 363 5002

Caller from number 404-410-6736 left a message saying it was from Debra Holland of Publishers Clearing House and that I won $3.5 Million in the February 7th drawing, plus a 2020 Mercedes Benz. The caller requested that I call this number 866-363-5062 to make arrangements for them to deliver my prize.Call Type: Scam

Feb 13, 2020

(866) 363 5002

Call from "PCH Claims Office" . (404) 410-6736 You have just won $975,000 payable at $5000/wk, pls call 866-363-5002 at your earliest convenience to claim your prize. (Tax liability will be $3499 + $499 due immediately). Run, don't walk away from this pathetic scam. PCH: "will send registered mail or an authorized representative" or whatever to award legitimate prizes.Call Type: Scam

Jan 06, 2020

(866) 363 5002

Yeah I won the certified check for millions too, and a Mercedes. First part of message cut off so just Clearinghouse. then part of WInstar or something like that. $3 Grand plus in taxes plus$ 450+ immediate delivery fee.

Dec 31, 2019

(866) 363 5002

404-410-6736 From Georgia called . hahahaha I won millions and a new Mercedes Benz :D just had to give a small amount of 4k on taxes, but only 399 as down payment. S C A M !!!Call Type: Scam

Dec 10, 2019

(866) 363 5002

Phone call this morning with the same message as described below. Since I haven’t entered Publishers Clearing House for 45 years, I doubt that I am the Grand Prize winner!! Big SCAM!!!

Dec 04, 2019

(866) 363 5002

Received callreturn to 866-363-5002 Claiming to be Prize Patrol with PCH, won 3.5 million and brand new 2019 Mercedes Must pay 3,049.00 for tax purposes Really????? LMAOCall Type: Scam

By Linda on Dec 04, 2019
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