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  1. 877-624-3165

    Scam claiming a Windows error, and asking people to call this number. If you get this on a Mac, killing flash will disable it: Open Activity Monitor, choose the "CPU" tab, find the Flash operator, and look down the PID column to get the task number. Then open "Terminal," and in the window type "kill xxx" (using the task number instead of 'xxx'). Then, if you have a flashblocker, go back to the page you were on when you decided to go to YouTube, and set your blocker so it doesn't allow that page. If you don't have a flashblocker, just never go to that page again. A similar process will probably kill the thing on Windows, but I cannot give precise directions.

      Call Type: Scam
    • #Mac
    By Anonymous on
  2. 877-624-3165


      Call Type: Prank Call
    By mroogie on
  3. 877-624-3165

    I got a Zeus virus warning that scared me so I called the number. The rep used a lot of scar tactics and tried to tell me my wifi was being used against me. I turned off my router without telling the rep and he started to get angry telling me it had to stay connected so I hung up on him. Before that though he did try to sell me on some $600 "assistance".

    By Anonymous on
  4. 877-624-3165

    Voice message popped up on computer claiming my computer had the Zeus virus. They claimed to be windows support and wanted me to call this number and report Code B2957E. The computerized voice told me my computer was unsafe. I should not make purchases from it as it had been compromised.

    By Anonymous on
  5. 877-624-3165

    Pressure sales and internet marketing/security. Not a trustworthy impression based on the 1 hour I spent on the phone. Lead me to believe there was a problem with my computer and i needed to act NOW. Ignored my request to look into their service and continued to try to get me to pay for their service NOW. They start by leading you to believe they are providing you a free service that is d with your computers support system. After trying to impress you with some back end work they ask you for money to continue their service. I did not get a trustworthy impression based on my experience.

      Call Type: Scam
    By A Sovereign on

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