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  1. 877-764-6148

    I'm really pissed off. I just checked my account and they took money from my account that was NOT AUTHORIZE by me. I'm a disabled person lives on a fixed income with life threatening illnesses. LORD have mercy. 6/30/2020

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  2. 877-764-6148

    Please see comment below - you MUST CANCEL WITHIN 14 DAYS - not 30 days - in order to avoid the $92 charge for the supplement. This makes the company’s scheme even more outrageous. DO NOT BUY FROM PREMIUM FIT HEALTH or FITNESS NATURE SUPPORT!!!

    By Anonymous on
  3. 877-764-6148

    This company is a fraud. They offer a free trial of a ketogenic supplement and state that the only charge is for shipping and handling, approx $7. HOWEVER, what is NOT CLEAR on their Terms & Conditions or anywhere else on their website is that you MUST CANCEL YOUR TRIAL WITHIN 30 DAYS. If not, you will be charged approx $92 for the ketogenic supplement, and, if you added on the extra metabolism boosting product, that will cost you approx $86! I called customer service who refused to give me any sort of refund whatsoever and told me that I should have read the Terms & Conditions closer. WTF. There is no warning when you purchase the product you are signing up for a SUBSCRIPTION - this would not have been a one-time charge if I hadn’t noticed it in my C/C statement. No matter how much I argued and explained their deceptive tactics, they refused to refund even a portion of the $178 they stole from me. Actually, they tried selling me a NEW subscription at a lower rate. This company is a total scam and more people should be aware of this.

    By Anonymous on
  4. 877-764-6148

    Smartslimnesnaturalfit 877-764-6141 (as it appeared on my credit card statement) is Ketogenic Valley company that places unauthorized charges onto people's credit cards and when these charges challenged, may at times make a partial but not a complete refund (in my case the non-refunded amount was $21.24). I assume that the company's thought is that charged customers will not spend the time and energy to recoup the amounts that Ketogenic Valley charged them without authorization. In small and larger amounts that company may have defrauded thousands of people and made away with hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. The company is a fraud and a thief!!!!!

    By Michael Wiener on

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