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+1 888-256-0867 / +1 (888) 256-0867


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(888) 529 0222

This number is not apple customer support it’s a scam to steal your Apple Pay info and bank informationCall Type: Scam

(888) 360 9222

This number is a scam not amazon

(888) 347 1762

Lol i called them back continuously over 100 times and today I gave them a earful and now that number has been disconnected lol. Hilarious and the guy who answered is a straight up LOSER BOY DELUXECall Type: Scam

By Thayer on

(888) 347 1762

Today I called them back 100 times lol and she kept hanging up on me lol and im goin to do this everyday and now im goin to post this number on YouTube and Facebook and im goin to have hundreds of thousands of people calling this number and so they cant make calls out lol. Im goin to teach these criminals a hard lessonCall Type: Scam

By Ted on

(888) 347 1762

I received a voicemail from Paige Fletcher of Federal Location Services looking for Izel Wright ( Not my name or anyone I know) The instructions left were for Izel to reach out to the issuer and reference complaint 312-00483. This call is in reference to a complaint filed against Izel Wright. I would love to never receive a call from them again.Call Type: Scam

(888) 340 8946

Those people pretend to call from FPL, utility company, and claim that your power will be turned off for non-payment. Then they give you this phone number to call their "Financial Dept". IT'S A SCAM!!!Call Type: Scam

(888) 986 6882

‭scam +1 (800) 986-6884‬ also called from 986-6000Call Type: Scam

By J on

(888) 347 1762

This woman poses as Sarah James on Facebook from Massachusetts and I believe so and because I excepted a new friends request like a retard and literally within a day I got a text message and then it lead me to this and it was a complete SCAM. IF ANYONE WHO HAS MADE A REPORT ON THIS SEE IF YOU ARE FRIENDS WITH A GIRL ON FACEBOOK NAMED SARAH JAMES OF MASSACHUSETTS. I COULD BE WRONG BUT JUST SEEINGCall Type: Scam

By Good one sarah James on

(888) 347 1762

First i got a random text stating that I have a case and i needed to contact this 888-347-1762 and so the next day I called and she said that I was the defendant and there's no criminal case against me and said that I have a wells Fargo account past due balance of $570 and its really funny because I don't bank with wells Fargo and the last time I did was back in 1996 lol and I asked what court and state this was filed with and she Hung up on me and I called back and she hung up on me again. Then I called back a 3rd time because now I knew this was a complete SCAM and a man answered a i said how many people are u and he said there's 6 of us and he went on to saying that if I wanted to resolve this matter, I can pay $570 and I laughed at him and hung up. My father just passed away last month and now im getting these scammers day in day out and is there anyway the US marshals can find this woman and arrest her for extortion and embezzlement and internet fraud? Or atleast ban the phone Call Type: Scam

By Thayer on

(888) 223 6620

Said it was a law officeCall Type: Debt Collector