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(888) 261 6691

Her email is monicahaye.s99@gmail.comCall Type: Scam

By Missy on Feb 20, 2017

(888) 261 6691

Was told it was an ebay number, but its notCall Type: Scam

By Kerry lee mcelrath on Feb 20, 2017

(888) 261 6691

Lady was trying to sell a tractor on Craigslist for $2000. Wanted to do business via email only. Sent me a invoice for $1500, $500 less than originally agreed upon with no argument (first red flag). Said Ebay sent her the invoice but I never got it even though eBay supposedly sent it to me. Finally talked to Ebay to find that this number wasn't theirs. So yeah!!!!!! Its a scam.Call Type: Scam

Feb 20, 2017

(888) 261 6691

Elizebeth Pfeiffer @ gmail .com is trying to sell her dead husbands tractor says pay the 2000 dollars in ebay gift cards i reported this to ebay it is a scamCall Type: Scam

By andrew on Feb 18, 2017

(888) 261 6691

Found tractor on craigslist, was then forwarded a link to a fake ebay site. Woman claimed her husband had just passed away, got the whole song and dance. Total scam.Call Type: Scam

Feb 13, 2017

(888) 261 6691

Tried to buy a Motor Home. Woman wanted nothing to do with us and we were only 40 minutes from her. Couldn't look at the camper, she would have it it delivered. Before paying.figured it all out. ScamCall Type: Scam

By Allen on Feb 08, 2017

(888) 261 6691

Claimed they were with ebay helping sale a tractor.Call Type: Scam

Jan 18, 2017

(888) 261 6691

tried to sell a motorhome.ScamCall Type: Scam

Jan 17, 2017

(888) 261 6691

Tried to sell a tractorCall Type: Scam

Jan 12, 2017

(888) 261 6691

Said that they were eBay. Bought a vehicle that was never delivered.Call Type: Scam

Feb 29, 2016