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+1 (978) 770-6900 / +19787706900


United States


Lowell, MA

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Comcast Phone Of Massachusetts

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  1. 978-770-6900


      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  2. 978-770-6900

    same call on same date as others reported. a definite scam since my credit sparkles

      Call Type: Scam
    By Anonymous on
  3. 978-770-6900

    Thanks for making these comments about this phone number. I am glad you help people be aware of this scam call produced by I don'tknowho, low life, useless people.

    By 1-978-770-6900 on
  4. 978-770-6900

    Also got a call from this number, didn't answer, say process, voicemail stated it's a legal action involving by ssn, definitely seems to be a scam, please be careful and verify the calls you get.

    By Rick in AZ on
  5. 978-770-6900

    Answered a call from this number only to be drilled by an automated message telling me the SSA was after me for fraud "investigation" which was somehow already completed, and if i didnt call back in 24 hours to clear things up a warrant would be put on me. so, of course, i called them right back. wasnt even a little surprised when some 15 ~ 20 year old sounding kid with a really bad adult voice picks up the phone (male) he starts off asking how may he help me today. i told him "i dont know, you called me" he asks what time did i receive the phone call and i told him "wasnt more than 10 minutes ago" he says "well let me start off by asking you your last name" and i tell him "apparantly you have all my information so why dont you tell ME" and he hangs up with the quickness. ...yea im going back to sleep~

      Call Type: Scam
    • #SSA
    By Marcellus in IL. on
  6. 978-770-6900

    Called said I was under investigation of fraud and would be arrested if I dont contact them in 24 hours. Said the were from SSA. I think SSA means screw suckers in America. Just another low life scammer. If they would use they ability that they have to scam people out of money, just think how they could succeed in life doing a legitimate job. I've thought about it and they are very smart people, but they show their ignorance by doing illegal things to con people. Just be careful and dont fall for their scam. The call shows lowell, Massachusetts, but it's just a fake number. Thanks for letting me rant and rave about this scam. Be safe everyone due to the virus,

    By Dave in nc on

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